Welcome to LACARINO

LACARINO, headquartered in Istanbul, is a prominent in the textile industry. A fully integrated textile company with a highly dedicated team of 200 employees and a production capacity of 100,000 pcs of jeans per month. LACARINO has a reputation for high quality denim productions a result of extensive experience with fabric research and development and a vast wash-development centre which is up-to-date with the latest trends and washes.

We are always aiming to exceed customer expectations and provide creative solutions to meet any kind of demand.  Keeping up with the emerging trends, market needs and combining them with our technical and creative expertise is our way of driving profitable growth in the constantly evolving fashion and textile industry which requires a forward thinking, innovative and flexible approach.

32 Years of Experience

Our factory produces 100,000 jeans per month with a team of 200 people.

We are able to host full range of activities including modeling, cutting, embroidery, sewing, washing and ironing. Wide variety of operations enables us to reach large export amounts towards 3 continents and 40 countries.

Our Mission

With innovative and high quality products, we constantly pursue excellence in the Lacarino and aim to meet the wishes and emotions our customers

Our Vision

We are constantly improving ourselves in the world of jeans and taking firm steps towards becoming one of the best jean manufacturers. To be become one of the most desired jeans brand in the world, while creating safe working conditions and production with minimal environmental effects.

Our products have been exported to more than 30 countries, such as USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Europe.